About EMF

October 22-27, Honolulu, HI • Tickets On Sale now!

Eruption Music Fest showcases music that effaces corporate-defined genres and has a preference for artists who self-define new perspectives on intercultural sound. A collaboration of Truth Revolution Records (NYC) and Pass Out Records (HI), Eruption 2012′s artists represent a growing platform of musicians whose music is informed by the context of our world today.

Eruption 2012 will have an explosive impact on the music scene, with after shocks for months to come. We aim to define how live music is consumed… from venue to repertoire, context to showmanship. The shows and artists that make up Eruption 2012 won’t be easily forgotten; instead they wil be an all-out disruption that shakes people into wondering how they could’ve been content with what they’ve accepted as entertainment thus far.

Symbology of the Artwork

The central focus of the artwork is an erupting pyramid!!! It is a metaphor, for the hard work and teamwork (and by extension, friendship) necessary to make music happen. It takes a lot of effort to build a pyramid together… not just the “menial” task of moving the stones, but finding them, cutting/chiseling them, planning the foundation, and putting it together with sweat equity and determination. The pyramid will be erupting because all the energy contained inside needs somewhere to go. The music played during the festival is the eruption. It needs to be released, have somewhere to go, and show itself to the people. An eruption often takes people by surprise; by its nature, it is full of fire, energy, primal urge, etc.

The pyramid is erupting, somewhat middle ground. In the foreground, silhouettes of people (backs towards us) watching and dancing to the eruption in (implied) tribal fascination.

People are awakened, snapped to life, away from their zombieness by the heat of the eruption. the symbolism is then that our music/art is bringing them to consciousness, to truth.